Blue Candy Buffets

It’s official!  Three studies completed by global marketing firms confirm that the world’s favorite color is…blue!  So it’s no wonder that Blue Candy is among the most popular choices for receptions and candy buffets.      


To ensure your blue candy buffet is a success, keep the following principles in mind:


First, variety is everything!  This applies to both visual aesthetics as well as flavor.  To make your candy buffet as visually appealing as possible, remember that there are various shades of blue that can accent and highlight the table.   For instance, the light hue of blue raspberry crystal sticks contrasts nicely with the rich darkness of navy blue M&M’s, not to mention the vast differences in flavor. 


Second, landscape design can make or break a candy buffet.  Don’t let all the hard work you put into selecting your candy go to waste by failing to appropriately display it!  The process of building your blue candy buffet allows you to be as creative as possible.  You can create highs and lows on the table by using a tiered display, bowls, glass vases, and much more!  Using white or blue wrapping paper to add new textures and fill-in space can be a subtle touch that adds a whole new dimension.  In short, creating a beautiful candy landscape engages your guests and creates a memorable treat!


Third, remember to have fun!  While this may seem like common sense, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of planning a boy’s baby shower or any event that calls for a blue candy buffet.  When we’re tangled in the stress of preparing our event, it’s easy to overlook the simplest truth of all:  candy is meant to be eaten!  So while you want to be thoughtful in planning your candy buffet, remember to have fun and choose candy that you and your guests will enjoy eating!


Thanks for reading, and feel free to contact the experts at Candy Galaxy to help you make your next blue candy buffet a success!


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